Garden in wWoodstock

Walking Portland: Woodstock

This scenic walk showcases one of Portland’s most distinctive, vital SE neighborhoods–an eminently walkable community with a vibrant core and abundance of beautiful older homes, many boasting stunning views.

This 5-mile loop walk–starting and finishing on popular Woodstock Avenue–traverses a larger part of the lovely southeast Woodstock neighborhood, including a ridge of gorgeous views and a beautiful park.


This scenic walk–beginning and ending on popular SE Woodstock Blvd–traverses much of the north-south length of the Woodstock neighborhood, including Woodstock Park.

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Add a meander through Woodstock Park, coffee at one of FOUR neighborhood coffee shops, excellent lunch or pastries at Grand Central Bakery, and exceptional ice cream at Cloud City Ice Cream, and you’ve got one memorable afternoon.

But before you set out, grab a cappuccino at Heart Coffee Roasters (our fave) and look over the route.

Copy the following map link to your iPhone and follow the route as you walk.

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  1. SE WOODSTOCK BLVD | Head West
  2. SE 51ST ST | Left/South
  3. SE CARLTON ST | Right/West
  4. SE 43RD ST | Left/South
  5. SE GLENWOOD ST | Right/West
  6. SE 42ND AVE | Right/North
  7. SE EVERGREEN ST | Left/West
  8. SE 44TH AVE | Left/North
  9. SE KNAPP ST | Left/East
  10. SE 42ND AVE | Right/North
  11. SE LEXINGTON ST | Left/West
  12. SE 45TH AVE | Left/North
  14. SE 42ND AVE | Right/North


  1. SE REEDWAY ST | Right/West
  2. SE 57TH ST | Right/South
  3. SE STEELE ST | Right/East
  4. SE 47TH AVE | Left/North
  5. SE HAROLD ST | Right/East
  6. SE 43RD AVE | Left/North
  7. SE WOODSTOCK BLVD | Right/East


About 5 miles.

Flowers in Woodstock


Allow 2 hours; longer if you stop to gawk at the lovely homes and gardens or linger over coffee on the way back. And of course, you should do both.

Woodstock Sidewalk


Portland-style sidewalks (periodically uneven and in need of repair) the entire walk. The greater portion of the walk is flat or gently sloping.

Garden in wWoodstock


Easy and fun.

Woodstock Mural

Coffee, Pastries & Ice Cream

Good options for coffee and pastries along this route include Heart Coffee Roasters (our fave), First Cup Coffee House, and Papaccino’s.  And for us, a cone at Cloud City Ice Cream is a must-have.

Portland Walkabouts

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