The Village at Mary's Woods

Walking Lake Oswego: George Rodgers Park, Old River Road, Mary’s Woods (3-5 miles)

Three to five, flat, easy walking miles, four north-to-south Lake Oswego neighborhoods (Foothills, Hallinan, Glenmorrie, Robinwood), one hugely popular, 26 acre, waterfront park, an historic Iron Smelter, and The Village at Mary’s Woods–all along the tranquil, view-rich shores of the Willamette River.

Walking Lake Oswego: The Village at Mary's Woods

This is a leisurely walk with few route turns to track and stunning scenery the entire way. It kicks of in George Rogers Park and then follows the Willamette River to the first entry staircase to The Village at Mary’s Woods.

George Rogers Park, Old River Road, Mary’s Woods Route Map


From there it weaves through the tranquil village to local Ovation Coffee–within throwing distance of Highway 43.

Ovation Coffee at The Village at Mary's Woods

The route begins on a dedicated paved trail, which disappears into a wide shoulder. Traffic is light along this road but do stay alert as you walk.

Old River Road trail along the Willamette River

On your left going out are lush views of the river and the Oak Grove estates on the east side. If you choose to trek the extension to Mary S. Young Park, you’ll also see Hog Island.

Old River Road along the Willamette River

Feel free to ogle to your heart’s content but note the No Trespassing signs along the route.


Click Walking Lake Oswego: Oldtown, Lakewood, Foothills, George Rogers Park, Roehr Park, Foothills Park for our online route map. On your computer, bookmark the link and then open it from your iPhone. Open the Legend field to get turn-by-turn directions. you should see Google tracking you (the little blue ball) as you walk.


About 6 miles.


You’re going to want to wander and gawk. There’s so much to see!. Allow 3-4 hours. Add extra time if you want to enjoy coffee, eats, and shopping in Millennium Park.


Mostly flat.


Easy. Expect a paved trail to begin with and then a river-side shoulder. Traffic is light but do stay alert.


Restroom facilities are available in George Rogers Park and Ovation Coffee in The Village at Mary’s Woods.

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